#Literary Impulse

Defaced in the line of Poetry

An Auckland bus stop(s) me,

holding my reflected frame

by the chin of a graffitied poem,

tattooed in curvaceous cipher,

yet a pair of letters peels SEXIST to SEXI.

Heed the invitation to Open Happiness;

but not before nobility defends herself

against the omen of non-consensual ink.

Wooden sculpture of Maori woman’s head and hair, chin tattoo seen through a window. Reflections from across the street include coca cola “open happiness” and “ Come discover over 70”.
Author’s photo of same wood sculpture of Maori woman seen though glass with overlay of reflections; “open happiness” and ”Come discover over 70"
Fate whispers to the warrior “You cannot withstand the storm” and the warrior whispers back “I am the storm”
Post made by a victim of Fentanyl poisoning in the months prior to his death. Used with permission by his mother

Prompt 7Metrophobia (fear of poetry), Tree Langdon and Michael Burg, MD

In honour of the indomitable spirit of the Maori Warriors of New Zealand