Husband in traditional attire woven geometric patterns of animals and human faces and hands. Wife in colonial black buttoned dress and cloak with shell trim.
Pacific North West Tlingit couple in Bear Clan ceremonial attire. Photo by Case and Draper in 1907

I write with the magnanimous support of my academic healthcare colleagues, students and friends who are Indigenous. Seeking, confirming and upholding truth leads to accountability, action and ally-ship. In Canada we are in the nascence of seizing truth and committing ourselves to reconciliation with our Indigenous brothers, sisters and 2SLGBTQQIA…


Message on a bottle

Mom think about me when you are drinking b/c it is wrong to drink on your own. Don’t make the same mistake again. Don’t brush it away because it does matter. I’m not going to take it this summer any more, because I can’t. You make me cry. Just please listen. (2 torn, stained paper notes with fragments of tape on all sides)
Loving notes taped on my bottles written by eldest daughter then 15 yrs old

My recovery was just a flash away

There is a spherical halo obliterating the head of a rock star on a cat walk . A crowd surrounds the protruding stage.
Photo by Tony Pham on Unsplash

Fifteen years ago on his Bigger Bang tour Mick Jagger found me between a rock and a hard place, in a crossfire hurricane. Preloaded, titrating, kissing perfect strangers.

Ooh, a storm is threatening my very life today. If I don’t get some shelter Ooh Yeah, I’m going to fade away

Sketch in charcoal of a reclining woman naked above mons pubis. Turning her head away, her right arm follows curvaceously below hip, left arm is bent, outer hand filling her waist, resting on hip.
Author’s photo of Sketch by Degas Musee d’Orsay, Paris

You are a thank you

for my every please;

my ever pleased… thanks you.

The sun spills through tattered layers of crimson clouds reflecting on calm water punctuated by a few small boats. Islands demarcate sky and sea
The Salish Sea with permission from the author’s father

We celebrate your love

“as the appreciative, responsive commitment

to the flourishing of the Beloved.”*

Dear ones, veer with me into blasphemy

sanctioned by the spirit of unutterable favourites,

Quite simply, not all loves are equal.

Supernova*** alchemy stirs dust storms in nebulae and Burning Man.**

Our golden sun dawns…

I extend a sincere invitation for suggestions from my Medium and Illumination friends as I shape “a poem” for my daughter and son-in-law’s twice-postponed wedding on June 12. What else might you say?

Two whales are resting within a body’s width of each other. Their exhaled mist extends straight up several metres high. The water is calm and an island’s rocky shore and cliffs are indistinct in the near background.
A pair of Orca Whales breathing synchronously, Pacific NW Gulf Islands, Canada. Photo compliments of author’s sister

Defaced in the line of Poetry

An Auckland bus stop(s) me,

holding my reflected frame

by the chin of a graffitied poem,

tattooed in curvaceous cipher,

yet a pair of letters peels SEXIST to SEXI.

Heed the invitation to Open Happiness;

but not before nobility defends herself

against the omen of non-consensual ink.

Skeletal branches from the top of the image almost capture 12 snow geese in V formation between bands of cloud and blue sky.
Author’s photo of snow geese in formation, Fraser River, Vancouver, Canada

Curled, entwined thorny leaves make the shape of a heart. Black and white photograph
Photo by Karl Blossfeldt 1929 Cut-Leaf Teasel

Therein my thorny harp,

an anthem swept by heart,

on guard for thee.

Blue dusk with almost full moon above low clouds, city and boat lights. The moon is reflected zigzagging on the water.
Author’s photo tonight

In vacillating vespers

moon light inaugurates

my harbour.

Isak Dinesen

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive. What the world needs is people who have come alive. " - Howard Thurman (AfricanAmerican)

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